Ezypost is a comprehensive business centre for your business need. With more than 15 years of experience in the courier Industry under the wings of Express Systems Sabah, we are now supporting a few others business to give your business more convenient and economical choice in our services.

The blend of its solid market strength and market freedom enables Ezypost to explore and adapt to new business opportunities beyond the 'traditional postal services' and thus, stay ahead of its competitors.

In 2012 Ezypost restructured its entire operation unit into three Strategic Business Units. Determine to be more focused on its various customers and marketplace, Ezypost now consists of:

  • COURIER SERVICES –( Domestic and International )
    Ezypost is focused in providing day-to-day mail and parcel service’s both general public, retail customers and government agencies.

  • CARGO (LAND/AIR/SEA) – (Logistics Domestic Sector )
    Being an established in courier operation, now Ezypost has embarked its services on cargo both land, air and sea.

    This unit is responsible in enhancing the necessity of the customer needs to provide a better protection in their goods delivery systems. Also we provide handy delivery systems to provide a motor insurance door to door service.

At Ezypost, we have discovered that the secret to business survival lies in human relationships. Thus, Ezypost constantly invests in identifying, evaluating and maximizing the human capital that drives the organization and innovating solutions to improve its products and services to fulfill the increasing demands of its customers.

As we enter the new century, Ezypost continues to reinvent itself to stay focused, competitive and continues to connect Malaysians with the world.
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